7 Children's eBook Questions answered

Discussion in 'Children's books' started by Brian Schwartz, Mar 23, 2015.

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    Q1. Can you add audio narration in Fixed Format children's books?

    A. Only if you can if go through ACX - Amazon's audio book production company. Once you have an audio version up, Amazon should be able to link the eBook pages to the audio using whispersync. But let me double check that it's still the case with Fixed Format eBooks.

    Q2. Can you add word magnification or region magnification?

    A. It's already enabled - you can pinch and zoom.

    Q3. Are there any cool or interesting features you would recommend using that would make the ebook better? It is a children’s picture book so there may be something creative we could add.

    A. Options are limited to the functions already provided by the eBook reader, so the answer is no. This is a book not an app.

    Q4. We would like to take the opportunity to promote the books website, facebook and merchandise through the ebook sales. Would you recommend adding a page at the end that has links to the site or pictures of the merchandise? There is also a second book that is almost done so we will add a page for that as well.

    A. Yes - we can add any content you want. Just send us a PDF of what you want, ideally match the look and feel of the rest of your book.

    Q5. Is there a way to generate coupons or discount codes for the hardback cover when someone buys the ebook?

    A. On Amazon, if someone purchases the hard copy, Amazon can offer the Kindle edition at a discount, but their isn't currently a way to offer the buyer of the eBook edition a discount on the print edition.

    Q6. Is there a way to direct them to the website and facebook on each of the platforms when they purchase?

    A. Any hyperlinks in the eBook can be live hyperlinks to other websites. The only exception is that Amazon doesn't want you link to iBooks and iBooks doesn't want you linking to Amazon.

    Q7. Is this Nook kids ready?

    A. No - Nook requires a special build and the demand for nook books is so low, that the return on investment isn't likely going to be there. Also, you would have to publish your title through us because it also requires a special account with BN - not the same account self published authors use to setup standard eBooks on nook.

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