Reflowed, Justified, Left-Aligned text, and hyphenations

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    We spend a fair amount of time educating new authors on how eBooks look and behave differently than a print or PDF file.

    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words... so here's a couple of videos to explain what to expect when you have us convert your eBook.

    Here's a long explanation:

    Here's a simple screenshot to explain it how it impacts a book of poetry:

    The only way to avoid this problem is to create a Fixed Layout or Fixed Format eBook. They require more advanced readers (namely the Kindle Fire or iPad), but do give you complete control over the layout. One of the more ambitious Fixed Layout books we completed recently was Topher Googin's Not Your Mother's Goose.

    Even when we do the best we can, we are at the mercy of the device being used to view your ebook. The issue of justified text vs. left-aligned is unavoidable because it's up to the individual eReader and it's settings. Apple iBooks for example defaults to both Justified text and Auto-Hyphenation:


    And here's how it looks in iBooks:


    If your reader does turn OFF Full Justification in settings, then you will likely see a more predictable output:

    Hope that helps!

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