What languages does Kindle support?

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by Brian Schwartz, Sep 25, 2015.

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    More and more my clients are having their Kindle books translated and posted for sale on Amazon KDP. Here is a list of languages they currently support:


    You'll find it's fairly complete with the exception of two major languages: Russian and Chinese.

    You simply post the translated title to your existing KDP account. You should also setup the the title and description in the language of the book.

    You might interested to know that several of the newer Kindle models (including the iPad app for Kindle) provide a translation option for readers. It takes a bit of work for the reader, but it's possible. Here's a couple screenshots to show you how to do it:


    What's really cool is that it will also read it to you in that language!

    Kindle books are thus a great tool to use when you are trying to learn a foreign language - just be sure you have one of the capable devices (ie. iPad).

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